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Toronto Movers: Empire Moving - Toronto Moving Company

Toronto moving boxes

Boxes for moving, moving supplies

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Empire Moving and Storage (Toronto moving company) has necessary boxes to pack all of your belongings.

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We specialize in careful handling of sensitive and fragile items and products. Most of the items can be stored in efficient and cost effective ways. We are able to customize services to meet your needs. Rates can be quoted by the square foot, cubic foot, cwt., pallet, or vault. Our company provides quality services at competitive rates.

Boxes pictureBoxes data
Medium Box for moving
Medium Box (18x14x12)

Great for shipping, storing larger books, collectibles, dishes, glasses and almost all kitchenware. Solid, industry standard 32ect.

Shown in box: adult jeans, adult sweaters, bath towels, bed sheets.

Large Box for moving
Large Box (20x20x15)

Large Moving Boxes are ideal for clothes, bedroom items, bulky but not overly heavy items. Also great for storage of large household items such as collectibles, holiday ornaments, serving platters, lamps and stereo and computer equipment.

Shown in box: Extra-large lamp shade, jumbo sofa pillows,size 12 mens shoes.

XLarge Box for moving
XLarge Box (23x23x16)

Great for shipping, storing larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large / lighter items - These boxes are big, so remember to keep the weight so it can be carried. Using the industry standard 32 ECT corrugated cardboard

Shown in box: Bed comforter, photography tri-pod,board-games and pillows.

Wardrobe Box for moving
Wardrobe Box (24x24x40)

Our wardrobes aren't wimpy! They are larger than most - a Hefty 24x24x40, Double Strength portable closet! You'll use them over and over again - Great for storing winter and summer clothes too! Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.

Frame Box for moving
Frame Box (41x6.5x34)

Great for shipping, storing large picture frames, mirrors and any large thin item. These boxes are shipped flat, packed in the same Frame Box...Bonus!

File Box for moving
File Box (16x12.5x10)

Pack your Home Office in minutes! Our professional file boxes will hold legal and letter files and keep you organized. Keep all of your paperwork, important documents, manuals, receipts and even coin collections in these special files boxes. Each file box comes with an attached lid and requires no tape - simply fold and lock the tabs in place!

Standard BoxesPrice
1.5 cube box 16"x13"x13" $1.99
2.0 cube box 18"x15"x12" $1.99
3.0 cube box 18"x18"x16" $3.99
4.0 cube box 18"x18"x21" $3.99
5.0 cube box 18"x18"x27" $4.99
6.0 cube box 20"x20"x26" $5.99
lamp box 12"x12"x40" $5.99
Wardrobe BoxesPrice
Small box 24"x20"x34" $10.99
Large box 24"x21"x48" $14.99
Laydown box 40"x18"x8" $7.99

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