We appreciate that moving is a complex and traumatic event. That’s why so many families choose Empire Moving. You can count on Empire Moving to spend time with you to understand your unique requirements and concerns. We work with you every step of the way to develop a plan that meets your specific needs.

At Empire Moving we take the time to explain all of the steps involved with your move and we clearly define who will be responsible for the various phases and when they will be completed. We can work with your proposed floor plans to ensure your new layout will work, and handle all of the details. Our movers are experienced in disassembling and reassembling all major modular furniture you may own. These items will be reassembled at your new location. Great care is also given to ensure the protection of your property during move-out or move-in. We can also totally unpack and set up your home in the new location according to your floor plan. Ask about our modern, fireproof, facility for storing your extra items, maxamizing space in your new home.

At Empire Movingl our movers are highly trained and experienced, and have the expertise to safely move all of your belongings – from your high-tech computer equipment to your art collections and antiques. We know how to wrap, pack and crate each item to ensure its safe transit. If you decide to handle any or all of the packing, we will deliver to your door all of the packing materials you need, as you need them. This can include special boxes for televisions, computers, books, china, artwork and clothes.

Only the highest quality packing supplies and the most technically advanced moving equipment are used. Everything is carefully packed, marked and tagged, so that each item can be placed in the right place in your new home. This ensures a quick and orderly set-up for any items that need to be disassembled and reassembled at your new home. We also take great care to protect walls and floors during the move.

At Empire Moving, packing supplies are never a problem. We have all the materials to move even the most fragile of items and artwork. You also have the option of deciding how much you would like to pack and what you would like Empire Moving to pack for you. We will deliver the materials that you need as you need them, and advise you on what supplies you need and provide detailed information on how to best pack each item. There is no charge for the delivery of packaging materials.

At Empire Moving we can even custom-make boxes for your unusual-sized items. Before you make a move, call us. We can supply you with special boxes for televisions, stereo units, computers, fax machines, china, antiques, artwork, books, files and the like. We can also handle any disassembling that may be required.