Long Distance

Empire Moving and Storage (Toronto moving company) provides long distance moving services for affordable prices.


Your Long Haul charges depend on the weight or volume of your shipment and the distance from the Place of Origin to Destination. For many years we used to price the move by weight. This seemingly easy method in fact created a lot of problems. It was not possible to determine the weight of the goods until the items were loaded and put on the scale. Then if the weight was more than expected, the customer felt taken advantage of even if they supervised the weighing procedure.

To avoid this aggravation we decided to change our pricing from weight based to volume based or hourly rate. We believe that this serves to everybody’s advantage. To the customer, because they can participate in the measuring process, they can personally estimate the cost of transporting certain items BEFORE they were loaded. The other important advantage is that there are no “Weight Station” surprises. The exact price of the move is determined on the spot and will not change.

If there are any requests made by the customer during loading to take additional items not included in the original estimate, the movers can easily price it during loading, with direct participation from the owner of the shipment.

How to estimante the voume of your shipment

Volume of the shipment is measured in Cubic Feet (C.F.). Which is the product of Height x Length x Width , measured in feet. Your foreman will measure ACTUAL total volume of the shipment, after the goods are loaded. In order to determine the Volume of the TOTAL SHIPMENT just measure the space, (Height, Width and Length) occupied by your shipment. The product of these measurements (Width x Height x Length) will be the TOTAL VOLUME of your SHIPMENT. In order to estimate the volume of a square item, such as dresser, measure the three sides and multiply – you get the volume in C.F. If you need to measure non-square items, such as chair, sofa, sculpture, etc, imagine that it is “boxed” and measure the sides of imaginary box. If you want to know measurements of your cardboard boxes it is usually written on the box. For estimating purposes, Estimators use the so-called TABLE OF MEASUREMENTS. This chart of measurements gives you approximate volume in cubic feet for a list of most common household items. Your particular items can be very different from what it says on the Table of Measurements, but in general an Estimate made using Table of Measurements is pretty accurate. Accessorial Charges (optional) include packing , additional liability and special services if requested.

Packing Charges

We provide you some packing materials free of charge (call for details). If you need more supplies , they will be available to you for an additional cost. If you want us to do all of the packing for you we can do it the day before the move (you will be charged per man/hour plus cost of supplies used) or partial packing on the day of pick up (packing charges per box apply).


You may choose to move with basic liability of 60 cents per pound per article for which you do not pay any additional fee. Or, if you wish to be paid the depreciated value for lost or damaged items, you must declare a lump sum value for the entire shipment. There will be an additional charge for additional liability.

Pick up and Delivery Time

For the GTA, we guarantee pick up date and time exactly when it is convenient for you. Southern Delivery usually takes 7 to 14 business days and Western Delivery takes 14 to 21 business days. For shipments over 1000 c.f. (7000 lb.) direct delivery can be scheduled. Advanced booking with deposit is required.. If booked early (at least 1 month in advance) with 25% deposit we can arrange the exact delivery schedule for you.